W  E  E  K  F  I  E  L  D



We are a family business that owns Weekfield a small farm in Somerset high up in the hills of the Exmoor National Park, 1000 feet above sea level - home to a herd of alpaca and guanaco which provide fibre and yarns for the finest British grown British made alpaca textiles and knitwear


Exmoor National Park is made up of diverse landscapes - moorland, woodland, valleys to farmland. We are committed to the conservation of the Exmoor National Park.  We strive to maintain harmony between the biodiversity of the Exmoor National Park with animals that will co exist and compliment the environment. Our alpaca and guanaco provide the perfect solution for sustainable eco friendly rural diversification.

We farm alpaca and guanaco solely for the purpose of harvesting their fibre. The fibre is used to make yarn and textiles for the suiting, apparel and interiors industries


Weekfield focuses on good genetics resulting in consistent fibre production

for high quality textiles and knitwear

where provenance is key





This is Skyfall - a beautiful alpaca at Weekfield

Alpaca Fashion Company Limited which owns the business at Weekfield Farm has been awarded an EU Grant under the Western Somerset Leader Funding programme.

The Knitwear Design Studio at Weekfield Farm provides knitwear design and sampling services using a state of the art Shima Seiki knitwear machine.